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 If you have need of an ERP system for your Assembly or Kitting operation then look no further than the professionals at Marshall and Poe. The experienced team at Marshall and Poe are well versed in the ins and outs of the Assembly and Kitting businesses. They understand your need for accurate and timely information to manage your product costing, pricing and procedures.

The difference with Marshall and Poe is they work with you to get a complete understanding of your assembly business before they make any recommendation for software. You will get the solution you need, nothing more and nothing less. The goal is efficiency—without over-complicating issues. Marshall and Poe will handle the implementation, training and support you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your software and increasing the efficiency of your assembly operations.
The assembly solutions from Marshall and Poe will help you:


  • Gain better control of your inventories
  • Improve the scheduling and flow of your assembly operations
  • Control the costs for each job
  • Expedite your processes for greater efficiency
  • Control packaging and loading operations
  • Create forms that work within your design requirements
  • Create multi-level bill of materials with cost rollup
  • Eliminate work orders to simplify production
  • Track specific raw materials and component lots or serial numbers
  • Prepare fast and accurate estimates
  • Control your kitting or assembly operations as a picking or manufacturing process
  • Manage and control costs of outsourced assembly or other services

Working with the team at Marshall and Poe can provide a strong competitive advantage for your assembly or kitting business. Call Marshall and Poe today and begin to explore how your assembly operations can be on the cutting edge of technology, leading to increased efficiencies, sales and profits.