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Paint and Coatings

As in all process manufacturing ERP applications, the Paint and Coatings industries have their own unique set of challenges and opportunities. This is why Marshall and Poe provides specific solutions to companies competing in the Paint and Coatings industry. We will only implement systems that are specifically designed to meet your needs and then train and support the system to makes sure you get the maximum benefit.

Paint and Coatings producers require an ERP solution that will help them establish and maintain a competitive advantage by better managing their processes. The rapid change that is prevalent in the Paint and Coatings industry must be managed to allow companies to adapt and get the right products on the market before their competitors.

The rigors of tracking and managing the key elements of the Paint and Coatings industry such as pigments, solvents, additives and a multitude of other ingredients from multiple suppliers that come in all different units of measure can be daunting. Not to mention complying with all the environmental regulations that the Paint and Coatings industry is bound by. The pros at Marshall and Poe will work with you from start to finish ensuring that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible. 

A Marshall and Poe solution will help you manage your paint and coatings operations by:


  • Formula management with multiple levels of complexity
  • Tracking formula revisions automatically
  • Tracking lot/Bin SSCC with full recall and traceability
  • MSDS, OSHA and other regulatory compliance
  • Batch and formula management and tracking change histories
  • Automatic unit of measure adjustments
  • Managing inventories with expiration dates including by-products
  • Job and product costing from start to  finish on every order
  • Vendor performance and quality management
  • Monitor standard and user defined key performance indicators

A comprehensive solution from Marshall and Poe can help you get control of every aspect of your operations. Give the team at Marshall and Poe a call and find out exactly why they are the ERP experts for Paint and Coatings companies.