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Food and Beverage

Process manufacturing in the Food and Beverage industry puts specific demands on an ERP system to manage and track the intricate processes involved. At Marshall and Poe we have been implementing ERP systems in the Food and Beverage category for years. We have the expertise it takes to recommend, implement, train and support your company in a new software solution.

An ERP software solution from Marshall and Poe allows your food and beverage business to:


  • Efficiently manage and secure recipes and formulas along with change approvals and their histories
  • Make automatic quantity adjustments throughout the recipe
  • Calculate batch yields to measure and track your efficiency
  • Trace lots so you always know where your ingredients came from
  • Manage ingredient inventories and allow for multiple units of measure
  • Prepare nutritional labeling to comply with regulatory authorities
  • Meet the requirements of the Bio-Terrorism Act for product recalls
  • Help insure the consistency and reliability of your processes
  • Integrate quality control and sampling procedures
  • Manage lot control and quarantine procedures

In short, Marshall and Poe can implement a comprehensive system to take your food and beverage company to the next level. You will appreciate our professionalism from the first meeting. The team at Marshall and Poe is dedicated to making sure that your entire food and beverage organization is using the software to its fullest potential.