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The Nutraceutical, or life science products industry,has its own special needs for process manufacturing ERP systems. Marshall and Poe understands your need for batch manufacturing controls for managing the unique issues with Nutraceutical formulas, potencies, weight calculations, FDA regulations, lot traceability, quality control, freshness and expiration dates among many others. Our experience with Nutraceutical companies means that you work with experts in the Nutraceutical field that truly understand what you need. Marshall and Poe will help you:


  • Manage all aspects of your Nutraceutical operations
  • Efficiently manage and secure formulas along with change approvals and their histories
  • Comply with HACCP, USDA and FDA regulations with labeling and audit logs
  • Calculate batch yields to measure and track your efficiency
  • Trace lots so you always know where your ingredients came from
  • Manage ingredient inventories and allow for multiple units of measure
  • Meet the requirements of the Bio-Terrorism Act for product recalls
  • Help insure the consistency and reliability of your Nutraceutical processes
  • Integrate quality control and sampling procedures
  • Manage lot control and quarantine procedures
  • Conduct “What-if” cost scenarios
  • Monitor quality control at every stage of the process
  • Accommodate private label manufacturing issues

The key difference between Marshall and Poe and other software vendors that supply Nutraceutical solutions is our degree of involvement with our clients. It is our objective to transfer the detailed knowledge of how to get the most out of your ERP system that sets us apart. We view the training and support of your system as the most important elements to a successful ERP installation. Call Marshall and Poe today and learn about all the advantages of working with proven professionals in the Nutraceutical industry for ERP systems.