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Process Manufacturing

Marshall and Poe understands the challenges you face in process manufacturing.


Competition is fierce and you must have complete control over your operations.


To achieve this you need accurate information about your processes and you need it in time to make the necessary adjustments to keep the work on time and profitable. In order to deliver consistent, high-quality products to your customers, you need a system that speaks your language. You don't have time to develop work-a-rounds for a software system that was not designed to handle the specific needs of process manufacturing.


Whether your business is Food and Beverage, Paint and Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals or Nutraceuticals, the experienced staff at Marshall and Poe are experts at ERP systems to optimize process manufacturing operations. We understand your needs because we have experience with dozens of process manufacturing clients over our many years in business. Process manufacturing is complicated and you need to align yourself with a firm that understands your specific challenges and opportunities and is committed to make the recommended solutions work for you. Whether it's replacing obsolete software, training on existing software due to employee turnover, or simply support of an existing system, the experts at Marshall and Poe are here to help.Marshall and Poe process manufacturing solutions help you:


  • Take control of every aspect of your process manufacturing
  • Manage your recipes/formulas and keep them secure at all times
  • Track revisions over time including sample and production runs
  • Make adjustments for inconsistent composition of raw materials
  • Respond to changes in customer specifications
  • Track costing to production
  • Grade specific lots and track attributes
  • Take corrective action to avoid losses through real time notification of problems
  • Comply with government regulations for labeling and MSDS
  • Comply with the Bio-terrorism Act and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP )
  • Manage raw materials, work in process and finished goods inventories
  • Adjust varying unit of measures automatically based on your specific needs
  • Consolidate data stored in individual spreadsheets around the plant into a shared system accessible to only those you authorize access


You work hard to produce the best product possible. You don't have to remain at the mercy of a weak or outdated ERP system that no longer meets your needs. Marshall and Poe has the solution you're looking for to take your process manufacturing to the next level. Take the first step towards gaining control of your process manufacturing operations by calling Marshall and Poe today.